Saturday, January 12, 2013

Moving between projects

I went into this semester without fully disengaging from my project from last semester. Over the short winter break, I kept working on the project from my last studio and I felt and still feel like I didn't conclude it to my heart's content. And I was working on a deadline for Gateway Portfolio submission so I really could utilize the break to wrap it up.

The realization that I am not fully engaged in the current studio and mildly distracted over the previous studio, happened today. 

I wonder how it is in professional practice? How do professional practitioners dance between multiple projects? Do they all end up having similar qualities? 

Now that my undergraduate education is drawing closer and closer to conclusion, I have been pondering various aspects of my future career path.

Do I go to grad school right after? Do I go to work for a few year before I go to grad school? What do I want to study at grad school -- meaning what is going to be my narrower focus? If I decide to work for a few years, what kind of a firm do I want to work for? I want to have my own practice one day so I want to be exposed to as many aspects of a practice as possible. So do I work for a small firm or a large firm? 

I am told I will find out when I do internships and such. I hope to intern this summer so I guess I will get a better idea then....

Coming back to the present moment, right here and now, I think I should get some rest and clear my head a bit so I can wake up early and work on that primitive object for my studio....

But let me share another realization I had today. I have faced many situations and overcome challenges in life. Many years ago they were external factors, things I had to overcome so I can get a good footing. Today, all my struggles and challenges are internal. I don't have to struggle with traditions, social and family pressures, and other baggage from the past. I have already have a good footing. Now my struggles are intellectual and even the emotional struggles are more intellectual and philosophical. I think its a good place to be. It is what is called a "good problem".

Today for the first time, a deep realization that how I move forward from now on is to complement the intellectual development with a balanced physique (soma) and take control of my energies (energosoma). 

I have to remind myself often never to forget all those who helped me get here, no matter how insignificant they may view it to be. I am a person who appreciate the little things in life, so I appreciate all those who helped me get here. 

With that, let me sign off for today until I find the time and the right mindset to make another entry..